About Us

We are two IT guys with a wide range of interests and experience, from theatre and music to furniture restoration and martial arts. Gardening for us was a part of “out there” life. Sometimes we could have blurry and non-specific thoughts like “it would be nice to plant basil on my window” or “bonsai at home”. Until suburban life became a reality and we faced a severe lack of good-quality working advice.
Yes, there are tons of websites, blogs, social media accounts with to-do suggestions, lists, checklists, video reviews, time lapses etc. However, did you notice how often they contradict each other? They mostly bring no explanation and resemble holy rituals when you should stick to exact ingredients, proportions, timings – and everything will start soaring and blooming.

So why are we writing all this? Our minds – rational and striving for solid arguments – came in great benefit here. We gathered information, evaluated it and looked for a foundation, tried, failed, suffered, threw away faded plants, frustrated, procrastinated, came back to improve and try again… .
We aim to become planting gods like Jamie Oliver in culinary with your help and support.
This blog is to share our experience and inherit experience from you.  Recently our team has expanded and Maria joined us with new ideas and articles. Let’s plant it!

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