Guinness gardening records

To my mind, it is the most interesting topic for gardening enthusiasts. And I understand it. Sometimes I think how to break any gardening record and to enter The Guinness Book of World Records, but so far I only read about breaking them by other people.

The world’s heaviest onion, the world’s largest lemon, world’s longest carpet of flowers, and the world’s biggest gnome collection or flower pyramid… And that’s not all that we’ll consider here.

Let’s get started!

Flowers and plants

The longest sunflower

This record was broken twice by German Hans-Peter Schiffer. His flower was 8.23 m for the first time. Again he grew the sunflower length 9.17 m in 2014. And it’ll be hard to break it in future. 

The largest floral installation

It was created in Dubai. 200 people worked on this installation for 180 days. It was built in the shape of a plane. The contraction was covered with more than 500,000 flowers, which were grown and harvested at Dubai gardens for four months. And the jury spent the whole day to measure the parameters of the flower pyramid and include it the list of the world’s records.

Flower Pyramid

It happened in little town Tabacundo in Ecuador. Citizens create exact copy of the local pyramid in real size. They used 546,364 roses: most colors were red, and only 6% were white, yellow, and pink. 1,500 people took part in the creation of the world’s largest flower arrangement. They worked 16 hours a day during the week.

The longest and largest carpets of flowers

The longest carpet of flowers was created by the People’s Government of Kaifeng City (China) on 18 October 2011. Its length was 2,011 m and 1.65 m wide. The flower carpet consisted of 22,110 potted chrysanthemums. 120 people made this beauty in 8 days.

The largest carpet of flowers and plants is 16,134.0 m². Yanbu Flower Festival (Saudi Arabia) created it on March 2017. This carpet included 1.8 million flowers of 14 different types.


Peter Glazebrook

This man from the UK is very important for the Guinness Book. If we try to find some information about him, we’ll come across the biggest vegetables. This is the longest beet and root of parsley length of 19 feet (5.8 m), the largest British potato, ripe heavyweight cucumber, monster onion, and giant cauliflower.

The largest potato

It weighed 4.98 kg. Peter Glazebrook presented this British potato at the National Gardening Show in 2011.

Giant cauliflower

This is also his record. The cauliflower weighs 27.5 kg. Peter grew it in 2014.


Glazebrook got the certificate in 2014. His carrot weighed 9.1 kg. But Chris Qualley from Minnesota grew a carrot weighing 10.17 kg in 2017. And the longest carrot measures 6.245 m, was grown by Joe Atherton in 2016. Also, Joe broke the longest beetroot in 2016 (7.956 m).


David Thomas broke this record in 2015. The heaviest cucumber is 12.9 kg. he also grew the biggest parsnip. What about the longest cucumber, it was grown by Ian Neal in 2011. It measures 107 sm.

The world’s heaviest onion

Mr. Tony Glover, from the English village, is the king of onion. His name is mentioned in the Guinness Book because Tony managed to grow the heaviest onion on the Earth in 2014 – a mass of 8.5 kg. He regularly fed recorder holder with nitrogen fertilizers and carefully observed the soil moisture for 11 months. When the weather was English (gloomy) he also arranged the lighting of the plant in the greenhouse. And Tony Glover broke record Peter Glazebrook, who presented the world’s largest onion weighing 8.16 kg to the fair in England in 2012.

The world’s heaviest tomato

The official world record was tomato weighing 3.8 kg. American Dan Mckoy from Minnesota came with the massive vegetable in the Guinness Book. It happened in 2014. But Dan Sutherland broke this record in 2016. He grew tomato weighing 3.906 kg.


The heaviest jackfruit

It was found in India on 23 June 2016. The jackfruit weighed 42.77 kg. It measured 57.15 cm long and has a circumference of 132.08 cm.

World’s largest lemon

Aharon Shemoel from Israel grew it on his farm in 2003. The largest lemon weighed 5.265 kg. Its length was 74 cm and 35 cm because it grew in another bigger lemon.

The largest pineapple

This giant fruit was grown by Christine McCallum from Australia. Its weight was 8.28 kg and the pineapple measured 32 sm long with a girth of 66cm. She broke a record of E. Kamuk of Ais Village – 8.06 kg.

World’s largest apple

Chisato Iwasaki from Japan grew the heaviest apple at his apple farm in 2005. It was 1.849 kg.

The heaviest pear

The pear was grown by JA Aichi Toyota Nashi Bukai (Japan) in 2011. Its weight was 2.948 kg.

The largest peach

Al Pearson and Lawton Pearson (both USA) grew the heaviest peach on Pearson Farm on July 2018. It was 819, 46 g. This peach was of the Early Augustprince variety, native to Georgia.

Unusual records

The largest garden gnome

Ron Hale from Canada created the largest garden gnome in 1998 for an amusement park that unfortunately no longer exists and now it’s a part of a petrol station. This gnome was measured for the record on 19 August 2009. Its length is 7.91 m.

The biggest gnome collection

Ornaments of any garden are gnomes. It’s perfectly understood Ann Atkin from the UK. She entered the Guinness Book of World Records for the biggest collection of gardening gnomes (2010 gnomes) in 2000. But Ann is going to break this record such as there are 2042 gnomes in her collection now. All these ‘creatures’ are located in a specious beechwood. 25,000 people visit this place each year. And the very important fact: if we’ll go for a walk in this garden, we shouldn’t embarrass gnomes. That’s why the taking of pointy hat is a must!


Of course, it’s not the full list of records. Someone can break or create the new record at the moment in the rest of the world. But we are very creative and stubborn people. Who knows, maybe we’ll grow new record-holders.

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