How to make a plastic bottle garden (cheap DIY)

How it is possible to make a vertical garden from plastic bottles without spending money?
Actually, while watching gardening videos on Youtube I’ve found one interesting clip about plastic bottles garden. It describes how to easily implement and install vertical construction which allows to water and grow plants with fewer efforts. Also for doing that we don’t need special containers/pots for plants. Here is useful outline of doing such garden from bottles:

  1. Collect empty bottles
  2. Create holes in the bottom of each bottle
  3. create slots for plants
  4. Hole lids for watering plants
  5. Assemble bottles together
  6. Hitch construction on the wall
  7. Put drainage and soil into bottles
  8. Seed/plant
  9. Water your vertical garden
Why I choose exactly this video? First of all, it has a huge amount of views (16M+ views). Second, it describes the process of implementation in easy steps without almost no special equipment. To let you have a full picture of implementation I’m adding several hints
  • While collecting bottles for the garden you should consider color and size. Choose color based on your wall color, should it be complementary or opposite. Size depends on plants you want to grow. The bigger plants you want – the bigger bottles should be. But don’t use bottles more than 0.5 gallons otherwise it could deform under its weight.
  • Holes to combine bottles together you could do with several different tools. That could be soldering iron as shown on the video. You could also use drill by making small holes along the perimeter/trace of that hole. Another good option is to use a special attachment to drill.
  • Please keep in mind – each hole should be smaller than bottle lid diameter, otherwise, construction will not stick together. You should not care about impermeability, because water will run down anyway.
  • There is one more special bottle on the video – watering bottle. Each “pillar” should have its own crater for water. And for that purpose, you could use another bottle, a smaller one. All you need to do is to remove the bottom of that bottle.
  • To attach everything on the wall you need to add some kind of a hook to that top watering bottle.
  • How much drainage and soil to put? Actually, a good mix is 50:50. On the bottom of each bottle pour drainage and then substrate.
  • Under whole construction, you could put a container for that running water while watering or you could attach one more bottle at the bottom but with no holes for plants and no holes in the lid. Thus when you are watering whole construction – excessive water will collect in that bottle so you could open the lid and release the water out. After some experiments, you’ll water professionally with almost no excessive water in that collector bottle.

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