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My first experience with worm juice had an unexpected result such as I didn’t believe in the benefits of this liquid. Of course, I was pleasantly impressed because my crops grew big and healthy and the soil became high-quality. That’s why I want to share my knowledge about worm tea, especially how it affects tomatoes.

What is worm tea juice? How does worm juice affect tomatoes? How to use it? Also, we know tips, which help you to use worm tea juice.

So, let’s consider these issues!

What is worm tea juice?

Who doesn’t know anything about this liquid, can think that it’s tea from dry worms or juice from squeezed worms. To be honest, I thought so when heard about worm tea juice first time. But gardeners are not murderers and can’t offend these defenseless creatures. So, what is worm tea juice?

It is the liquid that is excreted by the worms during processing of organic residues and we collect it from a worm farm. Some people also call this worm tea but hardcore worm farmers use this term to refer to a potent brew they make by adding molasses to ‘worm juice’ and aerating it with an aquarium pump to increase the numbers of beneficial microbes in the liquid fertilizer that this process creates. Another name of it is ‘liquid gold’ such as it increases the yield of crops twice and resistance to diseases promotes their rapid growth. Worm tea contains living microflora and fauna, billions of soil microorganisms and spores, soil antibiotics micro and macro elements, humate, fulvic acid, amino acids, phytohormones, enzymes, vitamins, hormones of growth and development of plants.

How does worm juice affect tomatoes?

Use worm juice with watering gives the amazing result. First of all, it creates a healthier soil. It’s very important because every plant, especially tomatoes, need to have high-quality soil for normal growing and good yield.

Secondly, it stimulates the development of the root system. The root gives the soil nutrition for the plant, it absorbs water and mineral substances. Therefore, the plant has a better root system, so it is better soil nutrition. Besides to soil nutrition, the root plays another important function. It holds the plant firmly in the ground. So no strong wind or heavy rain does not pull out or washed the plant from the soil. Under the influence of worm tea, the root becomes not only durable but also flexible.

Thirdly, worm juice increases nutrient absorption by plants and reduces the need for water. As result, tomatoes grow faster and healthier.  

Most of us use seedlings when plant tomatoes. And it is the big stress for the plant because of transplantation. The irrigation of plants by worm tea, in turn, reduces this stress.

It reduces the load on the environment because we don’t need to chemicals for fertilization our tomatoes or for protection from insects. We have all these benefits using worm juice tea.

Also, warm tea scares away pests and protects tomatoes from plant diseases.

Have you ever heard about the biggest tomato or potato? If yes, you can grow it in your garden. How? Our answer is using worm tea. This amazing liquid increases the size of the tomato and the harvest twice. Maybe you’ll not have the tomato for The Guinness Book of World Records but sure you’ll have the bigger tomatoes then your neighbors (if they don’t use warm tea). In addition, tomatoes become tastier and juicy.

And the last one… is obtaining environmentally friendly agricultural products, our tomatoes.

How to use it?

Foliar treatment with worn juice is watering or spraying on tomatoes and the soil. It allows you to significantly increase the yield, nutritional content of vegetables, and protection against diseases and pests. Foliar fertilization of plants by the solution is carried out at least twice a season in 7-10 days during the growing season.

 First foliar fertilization of tomatoes

We do it in the phase of 5-6 leaf pairs. Foliar fertilization increases the processes of photosynthesis and the growth of the mass of leaves. Seedlings are watered 3-4 days after landing. 

Second foliar fertilization of tomatoes

It ensures the protection of young plants from destruction increases the weight and duration of tomatoes storage, improves the quality of products. We spray or water tomatoes second time after flowering. Worm tea possesses high content of humic substances, absolutely safe and harmless both for man, and for animals, insects, and plants. Also, it has high bactericidal and fungicidal properties, eliminating the need for harmful pesticides and fertilizers. In the formulation of aqueous solutions for irrigation and spraying uses a ratio of 1:10. Application of worm tea saturates plants and soil with the necessary bacteria and nutrients.

Several tips:

  • The worm tea must be used within 4 hours after you have switched off the compressor. If worm tea is not used within 4 hours, it becomes less effective as the amount of microbes decreases.
  • The best time for using worm tea juice is early in the morning or in the evening. In the heat of the day, it is not so effective.
  • To prevent leaf diseases, it is necessary to spray plants directly before the first signs of the disease usually appear.
  • Soil spraying is recommended to do twice a year, in spring and autumn.
  • In order to stimulate growth, we use worm tea once a month during the season. Spray every 10 days for a month, while monitoring it to determine if further processing is needed.
  • You can use a manual or rack sprayer, which gives an aerosol output. Before refueling the sprayer, the solution needs to be filtered. You can use the watering can for the soil.

So, the benefit brought from the worm tea juice is visible to the naked eye. This liquid includes all useful substances, which are necessary not only for the development of tomatoes but for all plants; does protection function, and increases harvest twice. And we get healthy environmentally friendly agricultural tomatoes.

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